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Dinner to your Doorstep

Join our Zero Waste Meal Subscription Service and you'll receive two meals, delivered on Monday and Wednesday right to your doorstep!  The meals will come in reusable containers, as we do not want to add to the landfill!  Read below on how it all works!

How it Works

1. Choose your subscription (save $$ by subscribing to more months!).  The meals are designed to feed one adult and one month based on 4 weeks.  

2. Add $40 deposit to your cart for first time orders.  This will be returned to you at the end of your subscription when we receive all containers back (this allows us to keep it zero waste!)

3. Choose what you'd like to eat!  You choose one meal from the list of three for Monday.  Then go to Wednesday and do the same. 

4. Choose soup, salad and/or dessert if you'd like for an additional charge.  

5. Once everything has been added to your cart, checkout, pay and sit back and get ready for added simplicity in your life! Your meals will be delivered contactless to your door.

6. After you have enjoyed your meal, place all containers back into the cooler bag, on your front porch.  We will pick it all up the following morning to be washed and reused in a safe manner.

***Each month the soup and salad will change, as well as all of the meals!  If you're choosing more than one month subscription, you will be notified when it's time to choose the next month's meals!  

Choose Your Subscription

Subscribe to more months and save!

Choose your 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month subscription below. One month is considered 4 weeks. You will receive a meal on Monday and Wednesday right to your door (between 4:30pm-5:30pm)

1 month = $16.99/meal and $135.90/ month
3 months = $15.99/meal and $127.90/month
6 months = $14.99/meal and $119.90/month

 *minimum 1 month subscription is required

*** you must also add the $40 deposit to your cart on your first time ordering.  This will be returned when you return your jars and containers at the end of your subscription

Dinner to your Doorstep Menu

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