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The Little Green Grocery strives to become Stratford's boutique grocery store that has everything you need in one quaint little space.  For our size, our store offers a good range of food and non-food items that are focused and researched to meet your needs.  We do not sell ten different kinds of jams, for example, but offer one that we have selected that is locally produced where possible, and low in additives and ingredients you cannot pronounce.  We try to offer as many zero-waste products as possible and try to produce many things in-house, allowing us to offer you the highest quality products.


Stratford, Ontario is a beautiful little town where visitors and residents alike often find themselves saying "only in Stratford" as they experience some incredible theatre, arts, food and other programs that are not typically offered in a small town.  We hope the same will be true when you step into our little shop and find some incredible products that will make you feel that this experience is one of a kind.  You are not only shopping for your groceries, but you are supporting the incredible farmers and artisans in the area who have crafted their product with love and perfection.  We hope you love our store as much as we do.


We have a small team of kind, hard-working people who help to make our store fabulous.  Come on in and say hello!


Kimberly Hurley


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The Little Green Grocery
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