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Shopping low/zero waste is not only fun and easy but it also saves you money!  The packaging you usually pay for is no longer accounted in the price of the goods, and a double bonus, the packaging doesn’t end up in the landfill!  Don’t be intimidated as you come into our store, as we are here to help you to ease into a new way of shopping.

The most important thing to remember is to plan out your shopping before hand and bring your own clean containers.  BUT!  Let’s face it, we have all forgotten our bags when we grocery shop (more often then we’d like to admit!) so do not worry if you forget yours, we have you covered.  We have a bin of “free containers” that have been sanitized in our commercial dishwasher that you may use, or we have new jars that you may purchase if you’d prefer.  Many of our items come in a bottle, and you pay a small deposit on the bottle, which you receive back when you return the bottle.  We have boxes you can use to pack your grocery in and also paper bags if necessary.  When you bring in your own containers, we will weigh them for you and then off to the fun part of scooping or watching your honey ooze out of the honey bucket.  Once your jar is full of goodness, we re-weigh your product and you just need to pay and enjoy!  

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The Little Green Grocery
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